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Welcome to daveseavy.com.My site is multi-purpose.First and foremost, itís a source of information for traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors, their families, and friends.As a survivor, Iíve acquired a wealth of information and understanding.I feel a sense of duty to pass it along to others.As an author, I post much of my work here, and I also own and operate The Spyshop Direct.This is a video security company providing services to small and medium-size businesses.


Posted below are the links to TBI issues and my writing.Weíve had some server issues, so the site has a few problems at the moment.I anticipate getting this fixed very shortly.If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


I appreciate your visiting the site, and I hope youíll continue to check out the new information thatís being added almost daily.










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Dave Seavy is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury he sustained while repairing a broadcast transmitter.To read more about him, go to the About Dave Seavy page.

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