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Text Box: Fundraiser 2014 Under Way

This year is an exciting time for us.Among the projects on the close horizon is producing good quality videos for distribution to families and TBI survivors.This will be an excellent way to deliver information on coping with a TBI and the aftermath.


To date Iíve been traveling to various seminars and conventions as a keynote speaker, advocating for we survivors of brain injuries.While I intend to continue that track, I want to expand and devote more time to helping survivors directly.To that end, I am setting up a modest video production studio to enable me to produce decent educational videos.

The videos will comprise of ways to navigate life with an injury; emotional support; information for family members on how best to approach the many situations that come up with TBI survivors, and so forth.


As I said, the studio will be very modest.I am acquiring standard definition used equipment, but itís still expensive.Fortunately with my background in broadcast engineering I donít need to hire outside technical help, so that alone will save a substantial amount of money.Still, the project isnít going to be cheap.


If you are a TV station thatís upgraded to HD and have SD equipment sitting around collecting dust, Iíd be very interested in talking with you.


I would deeply appreciate any help you might be able to offer, including passing my fundraiser site information to as many people as possible.There is a large TBI population that desperately needs educational and vocational services, and together, we can ensure it will continue to happen.


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