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My site is multi-purpose.?First and foremost, itࡠsource of information for traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors, their families, and friends.?As a survivor, I堡cquired a wealth of information and understanding.?I feel a sense of duty to pass it along to others.?As an author, I post much of my work here, and I also own and operate The Spyshop Direct.?This is a video security company providing services to small and medium-size businesses.


Posted below are the links to TBI issues and my writing.?The Spyshop information can be found by clicking here.?If you find any broken links, or have suggestions on how I can improve the site, please donਥsitate to contact me.?Nobody is so good as to never need suggestions, and I welcome input.


I appreciate your visiting the site, and I hope you젣ontinue to check out the new information thatࢥing added almost daily.














Dave Seavy is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury he sustained while repairing a broadcast transmitter.?To read more about him, go to the About Dave Seavy page.

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